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Thank you for using the Chemical Engineering IT ticketing system. Please use this ticketing system for all of your IT requests. To facilitate effective tracking and reporting, it is important that you fill out the correct Category, User Group or PI, and Service. If you have a deadline for the IT service, you can enter it in the due date.

- BioZone - For BioZone PI or for students with a a BioZone Professor as a supervisor
- Department General - for IT services not related to a particular research group or Department admin staff
- Department Admin - for IT requests from Department administration staff
- Department/PI/Research - for IT requests coming from Department Professors or their groups
- Department Teaching - for teaching related IT requests
- Faculty General - for IT requests coming from outside of the Department

User Groups: Professors select your name | graduate students select the name of your supervisor | other users, please select the most appropriate user group.

Services: please select the IT service you are requesting.

Please do not insert passwords or confidential information in your ticket.